Cherryh, Cj – Chanur 5 – Chanur’s Legacy


Cherryh, Cj - Chanur 5 - Chanur's Legacy

The thrilling conclusion to the Chanur series

Enter a universe filled with adventure, intrigue, and interstellar politics in Chanur’s Legacy. Written by renowned author C.J. Cherryh, this fifth and final installment of the Chanur series will captivate fans and newcomers alike.

“A must-read for sci-fi enthusiasts, Chanur’s Legacy takes readers on a wild ride through the depths of space. Cherryh’s masterful storytelling and vivid world-building will leave you craving for more.”

– The Galactic Times

In Chanur’s Legacy, Captain Pyanfar Chanur and her crew find themselves caught in the midst of a dangerous power struggle as they navigate the complexities of the Compact, an interstellar alliance. With the fate of the entire Hani race hanging in the balance, they must rely on their wit, courage, and loyalty to survive.

Join Captain Chanur on her final adventure as she fights to protect her crew, her species, and the fragile peace that exists among the many alien races of the galaxy.

Don’t miss out on this thrilling conclusion to a beloved series. Order your copy of Chanur’s Legacy today!

The final chapter

The final chapter

Don’t miss out on the thrilling conclusion to the Chanur series with “Chanur’s Legacy”, the fifth book written by C.J. Cherryh. Experience the epic conclusion to this captivating science fiction series that has captured the hearts of readers around the world.

In “Chanur’s Legacy”, the stakes are higher than ever as the crew of the Pride of Chanur faces their greatest challenge yet. Follow the brave and resourceful Hani crew as they navigate the treacherous waters of interstellar politics, deadly enemies, and the secrets of a forgotten civilization.

What to expect:

  • Heart-pounding action and suspense
  • Intricate world-building and compelling characters
  • Intriguing mysteries and surprising revelations
  • A satisfying conclusion to the Chanur series

Why choose “Chanur’s Legacy”:

  1. It’s the thrilling conclusion you’ve been waiting for
  2. C.J. Cherryh is a master storyteller
  3. The series has received critical acclaim
  4. It will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end

Don’t miss out on the final chapter of the Chanur series. Order your copy of “Chanur’s Legacy” today and join the adventure!

Book Details:
Author C.J. Cherryh
Series Chanur
Book Number 5
Genre Science Fiction
Publication Date Available now

Introducing Chanur’s Legacy

The thrilling conclusion to the Chanur series

Experience the gripping finale to the epic Chanur series with “Chanur’s Legacy”. C.J. Cherryh’s fifth and final installment takes you on an adrenaline-pumping adventure, filled with action, intrigue, and unforgettable characters.

Join Pyanfar Chanur on her final journey

Join Pyanfar Chanur on her final journey

Follow the fearless captain, Pyanfar Chanur, as she navigates the treacherous depths of outer space. As tensions rise and alliances shift, she must make difficult choices that could determine the fate of the entire universe.



  • Heart-pounding action sequences
  • Intricate world-building and immersive storytelling
  • Engaging and multi-dimensional characters
  • Explosive climax that ties up loose ends

Why choose “Chanur’s Legacy”?

With its pulse-pounding plot, richly developed universe, and unforgettable characters, “Chanur’s Legacy” is a must-read for fans of science fiction and thrilling space adventures. It’s the perfect conclusion to the beloved Chanur series, sure to leave you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

Order your copy today!

Format: Paperback, Hardcover, eBook
Price: $19.99 (Paperback), $29.99 (Hardcover), $9.99 (eBook)
Available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, local bookstores

Don’t miss out on the thrilling conclusion of the Chanur series – order your copy of “Chanur’s Legacy” today!

A New Era Begins

A New Era Begins

Introducing the thrilling conclusion to the Chanur series – Chanur’s Legacy. Get ready for an epic adventure filled with suspense, intrigue, and non-stop action.

Join Captain Pyanfar Chanur and her crew as they navigate through treacherous space, encountering new alliances, dangerous enemies, and uncovering dark secrets that could change the fate of the entire galaxy.

  • Experience the captivating storytelling of acclaimed author C.J. Cherryh
  • Immerse yourself in a richly detailed universe filled with unique alien species and cultures
  • Follow Captain Pyanfar Chanur as she leads her crew on a high-stakes mission to protect their home and outsmart their adversaries
  • Discover the ultimate battle for survival and the legacy that will shape the future

Don’t miss out on this thrilling conclusion to the Chanur series. Be a part of the new era that awaits.

Format: Hardcover, Paperback, Ebook, Audiobook
Genre: Science Fiction, Space Opera
Author: C.J. Cherryh
Release Date: Coming Soon

Continuing the adventure

Join us on an exhilarating journey with the fifth installment of the Chanur series by C.J. Cherryh. In “Chanur’s Legacy,” the thrilling conclusion to the beloved science fiction saga, the story continues as the Chanur clan faces new challenges and adventures.

Discover the captivating world of the Compact, where various alien species coexist and navigate the complexities of interstellar politics and trade. Follow the brave crew of the merchant spaceship “Pride of Chanur” as they navigate through dangerous encounters, mysterious alliances, and deadly conflicts.

With Cherryh’s signature masterful storytelling and richly developed characters, this final installment promises to keep readers on the edge of their seats till the very last page.

Key Features:

  • Thrilling conclusion to the acclaimed Chanur series
  • Engaging and diverse alien species and cultures
  • Intense interstellar politics and trade
  • Richly developed characters you won’t forget
  • Action-packed adventure and suspense

Don’t miss out on the epic conclusion to the Chanur saga!

Order your copy of “Chanur’s Legacy” today and continue the adventure!

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What is the Chanur series about?

The Chanur series is a science fiction series written by C.J. Cherryh. It revolves around the adventures of spaceship captain Pyanfar Chanur and her crew, as they navigate through interstellar politics and conflicts.

Is “Chanur’s Legacy” the final book in the Chanur series?

Yes, “Chanur’s Legacy” is the thrilling conclusion to the Chanur series. It wraps up the storylines and resolves the conflicts that were introduced in the previous books.

Can I read “Chanur’s Legacy” without having read the previous books in the series?

While it is possible to enjoy “Chanur’s Legacy” as a standalone book, it is recommended to read the previous books in the series to fully understand the characters and the ongoing storyline. The series is best experienced as a whole.

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