Kennedy, William – Albany Cycle 03 – Ironweed


Kennedy, William - Albany Cycle 03 - Ironweed

A Compelling Tale of Redemption and Forgiveness

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<p>Discover a captivating story of hope and transformation with <em>Ironweed</em>, the third installment in William Kennedy’s acclaimed Albany Cycle series. Set against the backdrop of Depression-era Albany, this powerful novel follows the journey of Francis Phelan, a former baseball player who finds himself haunted by his past and struggling to find redemption.</p>
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“In this extraordinary and deeply moving novel, Kennedy takes us on a raw and emotional journey of self-discovery and healing. Through his masterfully crafted prose, he explores the themes of guilt, forgiveness, and the power of personal redemption. Prepare to be captivated from the very first page.”


As Francis Phelan navigates the unforgiving streets of Albany, he encounters a cast of vivid and unforgettable characters who each play a role in his quest for redemption. From Helen, his long-lost lover, to Rudy, his loyal friend, and even the ghosts of his past, every encounter brings him closer to confronting his demons and finding the path to forgiveness.

Don’t miss out on this critically acclaimed novel that has touched the hearts of readers around the world. Order your copy of Ironweed today and join Francis Phelan on his transformative journey of redemption and forgiveness.

What is “Ironweed” about?

“Ironweed” is a compelling tale of redemption and forgiveness written by William Kennedy. It tells the story of Francis Phelan, a former baseball player and alcoholic, who returns to Albany, New York in the 1930s. The book explores themes of guilt, haunted pasts, and the possibility of redemption.

Is “Ironweed” a standalone book or part of a series?

“Ironweed” is actually the third book in the Albany Cycle series by William Kennedy. However, it can be read as a standalone novel as well, as each book in the series explores different characters and time periods in Albany, New York.

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