Anthony, Piers – Adept 2 – Blue Adept


Anthony, Piers - Adept 2 - Blue Adept

Discover the thrilling second installment in Piers Anthony’s Adept series with “Blue Adept.”

Step into a world where magic and technology collide. As the story continues, we are immersed in a world filled with powerful Adepts who can manipulate the different forces of the universe.

Blue Adept follows the journey of Stile, a talented Blue Adept who has the ability to travel between two parallel worlds. In his quest to protect his realm from an unknown enemy, Stile must navigate through political intrigue, treacherous landscapes, and challenging puzzles.

“This book is a masterful blend of fantasy and science fiction. Piers Anthony’s ability to create a richly detailed world and complex characters is truly remarkable. The pace is relentless, keeping readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.”

With its gripping plot, breathtaking world-building, and thought-provoking themes, Blue Adept is a must-read for fans of epic fantasy and science fiction alike. Join Stile on his thrilling adventure and prepare to be captivated by Anthony’s masterful storytelling.

Overview of the Book

The book “Adept 2 – Blue Adept” is the second installment in the Adept series by Piers Anthony. This science fiction/fantasy novel continues the story of Stile, the Blue Adept, and his adventures in the parallel worlds of Proton and Phaze.

In this book, Stile, who possesses both adept powers of science and magic, strives to save his world from destruction. He must navigate the political intrigue and power struggles in both Proton and Phaze, as well as face challenges from rival Adepts and dangerous creatures.

The story unfolds with a mix of thrilling action, clever puzzles, and thought-provoking themes. As Stile delves deeper into the mysteries of his own origins and the connection between Proton and Phaze, readers are taken on a gripping journey through intricate worlds and complex characters.

The author, Piers Anthony, is known for his vivid imagination and ability to create richly detailed worlds. In “Adept 2 – Blue Adept,” he once again showcases his talent for world-building, bringing to life the contrasting realms of Proton, a futuristic technological world, and Phaze, a mystical world of magic and fantasy.

Readers who enjoyed the first book in the series will find “Adept 2 – Blue Adept” to be a worthy continuation of Stile’s story. With its combination of action, mystery, and exploration of philosophical themes, this book is sure to captivate fans of science fiction and fantasy.

Whether you are a fan of Piers Anthony or new to the Adept series, “Adept 2 – Blue Adept” offers an exciting and engaging reading experience. Dive into the world of Stile and join him on his quest to unravel the secrets of Proton and Phaze.

Main Characters

Main Characters

The Blue Adept introduces several main characters, each with their own unique abilities and motivations.



  • Description: Stile is the protagonist of the novel. He is an adept of the Blue color, which grants him the power of moving between different parallel worlds. Stile is determined to save his home world, Phaze, from destruction and is willing to go to great lengths to achieve this goal.
  • Power: Ability to shift between the frames of Phaze and Proton


  • Description: Sheen is a robot who serves as Stile’s loyal companion. He is capable of transforming into various forms, such as a horse or a spaceship, and provides assistance to Stile throughout his journey.
  • Power: Shapeshifting


  • Description: Mach is a villainous character and Stile’s rival. He is an adept of the Red color and possesses the power of fire manipulation. Mach seeks to control both Phaze and Proton and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.
  • Power: Fire manipulation



  • Description: Neysa is a love interest for Stile and serves as a source of emotional support. She is an adept of the Blue color like Stile, and her power is the ability to manipulate water.
  • Power: Water manipulation


  • Description: Bane is a serf in Phaze and becomes an important character in the story. He is an adept of the Brown color and possesses the power of earth manipulation. Bane is initially an antagonist but eventually becomes an ally to Stile.
  • Power: Earth manipulation

These main characters, along with several other supporting characters, come together to create an engaging and action-packed story in The Blue Adept.

Plot Summary

Plot Summary

In the second book of the Adept series, “Blue Adept”, author Piers Anthony continues the story of Stile, a talented serf in the magical world of Phaze.

The book begins with Stile still trying to prove himself worthy of the status of Citizen in Phaze. He is determined to win the Game, a magical competition that will grant the winner any wish they desire. Stile’s main goal is to reunite with his love, Lady Blue, who resides in the parallel world of Proton.

As the Game progresses, Stile faces new challenges and adversaries. He encounters other talented Adepts who are also competing for the coveted victory. Stile must navigate the treacherous politics and alliances of Phaze, while using his unique skills to outwit his opponents.

Throughout the book, Anthony interweaves themes of love, friendship, integrity, and sacrifice. Stile’s determination and loyalty to Lady Blue is tested, as he must decide what he is willing to sacrifice in order to be with her.

The plot takes unexpected turns as Stile uncovers secrets and mysteries about Phaze and Proton. The parallel worlds become increasingly intertwined, leading to a climactic confrontation between the two realms.

“Blue Adept” is a captivating tale of adventure and magic, filled with vivid descriptions and imaginative world-building. Anthony’s writing style keeps the reader engaged, as the plot unfolds with its twists and turns.

Overall, “Blue Adept” is a worthy continuation of the Adept series, blending elements of fantasy, science fiction, and romance into an exciting and thought-provoking narrative.


The “Adept” series by Piers Anthony takes place in a unique and fascinating world known as Phaze. Phaze is a parallel universe to our own Earth, but it operates on a completely different system of magic and technology.

In Phaze, individuals are either Adepts or Citizens. Adepts are those who have innate magical abilities and can manipulate the forces of nature. Citizens, on the other hand, are regular humans who lack magical powers but possess advanced technology.

The world of Phaze is divided into two main parts: the Blue Adept side and the Red Adept side. The Blue Adept side is characterized by its harmony with nature, and its inhabitants have the ability to control the elements such as water, air, and earth. The landscape is lush and vibrant, filled with forests, rivers, and mountains.

On the other hand, the Red Adept side is more focused on technology and industry. The inhabitants of this side have the ability to manipulate machines and create advanced gadgets. The landscape is more urban and futuristic, with towering skyscrapers and bustling cities.

Phaze is a world where magic and technology coexist, and the tension between the Blue and Red adepts adds an exciting dynamic to the story. As the protagonist navigates both sides of Phaze, they must learn to understand and navigate the unique aspects of each realm.

Overall, the setting of the “Adept” series provides a rich and diverse backdrop for the story, offering readers a unique blend of fantasy and science fiction elements.

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What is the plot of the book?

The plot of the book revolves around a man named Stile who is a Blue Adept. He travels between the parallel worlds of Proton and Phaze and must confront various challenges and obstacles in order to protect his world and discover the truth about his own identity.

Is this book a sequel?

Yes, “Blue Adept” is the second book in the Adept series by Piers Anthony. It continues the story from the first book, “Split Infinity,” and sets the stage for further adventures in the series.

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