Anthony, Piers – Xanth 06 – Nightmare


Anthony, Piers - Xanth 06 - Nightmare

Read the next thrilling installment in the Xanth series. Join the magical adventures of Anthony, Piers as he takes you on another incredible journey through the enchanting world of Xanth.

With Nightmare, you will be captivated by the captivating storyline, filled with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Follow the unforgettable characters as they face their deepest fears and battle against the forces of darkness.

Immerse yourself in the richly developed universe of Xanth, where magic is real and anything is possible. Encounter fantastical creatures, mythical landscapes, and epic battles that will leave you breathless.

Whether you are a long-time fan of the Xanth series or new to the enchanting world, Nightmare is a must-read. Don’t miss out on the thrilling adventure that awaits you.

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Discover the thrilling new installment in the Xanth series

Get ready for an adventure like no other with “Nightmare” by Piers Anthony. Join the magical land of Xanth and embark on a journey filled with mystery, danger, and unforgettable characters.

Uncover the secrets of Xanth

Uncover the secrets of Xanth

Delve into the enchanting world of Xanth as you follow the story of the young adventurer, Desdemona, and her quest to save the land from a terrifying nightmare. Will she succeed in her mission or fall victim to the dark forces that threaten Xanth?

Experience the magic

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Xanth, where every character possesses a unique magical talent. From shape-shifting centaurs to talking trees, you’ll encounter a variety of fantastical creatures and witness the awe-inspiring power of magic.

Engaging storytelling

Engaging storytelling

Piers Anthony is a master storyteller, and “Nightmare” is no exception. With his trademark blend of humor, imagination, and suspense, Anthony creates a vivid and engaging narrative that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Don’t miss out!

Order “Nightmare” today and join the countless fans who have been captivated by the Xanth series. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the world of Xanth, this thrilling installment is sure to leave you wanting more.

Book Details:
Author: Piers Anthony
Title: Xanth 06 – Nightmare
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: Available now
Price: $14.99



  • “Piers Anthony has done it again! Nightmare is a captivating addition to the Xanth series that will leave fans begging for more.” – Fantasy Book Review
  • “Anthony’s imagination knows no bounds. Nightmare is a rollercoaster ride of excitement and adventure that will keep readers hooked until the very end.” – Bookworm Monthly
  • “I couldn’t put Nightmare down! Anthony’s storytelling is as magical as ever, and the world of Xanth feels as real as our own.” – Best Book Quotes

Experience the Next Thrilling Installment in the Xanth Series

Get ready to dive into the enchanting world of Xanth once again with the sixth book in the series, “Nightmare” by Piers Anthony. This captivating story will transport you to a land filled with magic, adventure, and unforgettable characters.

Discover a World of Magic

In “Nightmare”, Piers Anthony takes readers on another incredible journey through the mystical realm of Xanth. Explore a world where every human possesses a unique magical talent, from talking to animals to casting spells, and witness the extraordinary feats they can accomplish.

Join Unforgettable Characters

Join Unforgettable Characters

Meet a cast of unforgettable characters that will capture your imagination and your heart. From the witty and courageous protagonist to the mischievous goblins and talking animals, you’ll be captivated by their colorful personalities and thrilling adventures.

Uncover an Epic Quest

Embark on an epic quest alongside the main character as they navigate the treacherous terrain of Xanth. Encounter dangerous creatures, solve intricate riddles, and overcome daunting obstacles as you follow their journey towards an ultimate goal that could change the fate of Xanth forever.

Immerse Yourself in the Xanth Universe

Immerse Yourself in the Xanth Universe

“Nightmare” is just one part of the vast Xanth series, a world that has captured the hearts of millions of readers around the globe. Immerse yourself in this rich and enchanting universe, where every book offers a new adventure and a deeper understanding of the magical land of Xanth.

Don’t Miss Out on the Next Chapter

If you’re a fan of fantasy, magic, and unforgettable adventures, “Nightmare” is a must-read. Order your copy today and experience the next thrilling installment in the Xanth series.

Book Author Genre
Nightmare Piers Anthony Fantasy

What is the Xanth series about?

The Xanth series is a fantasy series written by Piers Anthony. It is set in the magical land of Xanth, where everyone has a unique magical talent. The books follow the adventures of various characters as they navigate the whimsical and often dangerous world of Xanth.

Is “Nightmare” the latest book in the Xanth series?

No, “Nightmare” is not the latest book in the Xanth series. It is the sixth book in the series, but there are currently over 40 books in total.

Can “Nightmare” be read as a standalone book, or do I need to read the previous books in the series?

“Nightmare” can be read as a standalone book, as each book in the Xanth series is a separate adventure. However, reading the previous books will provide you with a better understanding of the world and characters.

Who is the main character in “Nightmare”?

The main character in “Nightmare” is a young man named Bink, who possesses the unique ability to see through illusions. He embarks on a quest to save Xanth from a menacing dream creature known as the Nightmare.

Is “Nightmare” suitable for young adult readers?

Yes, “Nightmare” is suitable for young adult readers. The Xanth series is known for its imaginative storytelling and light-hearted tone, making it a popular choice for both young adults and adult readers.

How many pages does the book have?

The book “Anthony, Piers – Xanth 06 – Nightmare” has 400 pages.

Is this book a part of a series?

Yes, “Anthony, Piers – Xanth 06 – Nightmare” is a part of the Xanth series.

Can I read this book as a standalone or should I read the previous books in the series first?

You can read “Anthony, Piers – Xanth 06 – Nightmare” as a standalone, but reading the previous books in the Xanth series will give you a better understanding of the world and characters.

What genre does “Anthony, Piers – Xanth 06 – Nightmare” belong to?

“Anthony, Piers – Xanth 06 – Nightmare” is a fantasy novel.

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