Frederik Pohl – The Candle Maker


Frederik Pohl - The Candle Maker

Discover the captivating world of science fiction through the extraordinary life and works of Frederik Pohl – The Candle Maker. Dive into the pages of this riveting book to uncover the secrets behind one of the most influential figures in the genre.

A Visionary Author:

Explore the fascinating journey of Frederik Pohl, a visionary author whose groundbreaking works have shaped the landscape of science fiction. From his early days as a fan of science fiction magazines to his rise as a prolific writer, Pohl’s unique imagination and storytelling prowess have enthralled readers around the world.

Innovation and Imagination:

Delve into Pohl’s visionary works that pushed the boundaries of science fiction. Experience his innovative ideas that predicted the future and challenged conventional thinking. Through his novels and short stories, Pohl painted vivid worlds that captivated readers with their depth and complexity.

An Influential Legacy:

Uncover the lasting impact of Frederik Pohl’s contributions to the genre. His thought-provoking narratives and social commentary have influenced generations of writers and continue to shape the science fiction landscape to this day. Discover the enduring relevance of his works and the mark he left on the genre.

A Must-Have for Science Fiction Enthusiasts:

Whether you’re a long-time fan of Frederik Pohl or new to the genre, this comprehensive book is a must-have addition to your collection. Delight in the rich insight, captivating anecdotes, and textual analysis that bring Pohl’s works to life. Immerse yourself in the world of The Candle Maker and experience the wonders of a true science fiction legend.

Discovering Frederik Pohl: The Candle Maker


Are you a fan of science fiction? Do you enjoy exploring new worlds and imagining what the future might hold? If so, then you’re in for a treat! Discover the fascinating life and works of science fiction legend Frederik Pohl – The Candle Maker. With his unique storytelling abilities and captivating narratives, Pohl has left an indelible mark on the genre that continues to inspire and entertain readers to this day.

About Frederik Pohl

About Frederik Pohl

Frederik Pohl was born on November 26, 1919, in New York City. He began his writing career in the late 1930s, contributing stories to various science fiction magazines. Over the years, Pohl’s name became synonymous with the genre, and he went on to write numerous novels and short stories that pushed the boundaries of science fiction literature. His work often explored themes of technological advancements, societal changes, and the impact of human interaction with alien cultures.

Notable Works

  • The Space Merchants: Co-written with Cyril M. Kornbluth, this novel is a biting satire on consumerism and advertising in a future dystopian society.
  • Gateway: Winner of the Hugo, Nebula, and John W. Campbell Memorial Awards, this novel takes readers on a thrilling journey to an alien space station where humans have the chance to find riches and glory, but at a deadly cost.
  • Jem: Set in a future where humans have colonized other planets, this novel explores the challenges of cultural assimilation and the clash between different civilizations.


Frederik Pohl’s contributions to science fiction have earned him numerous accolades and a place among the genre’s most respected authors. His ability to envision and portray plausible futures has inspired countless readers and influenced a new wave of science fiction writers. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to Pohl’s works, diving into his captivating stories is not only a journey through imaginative worlds but also an exploration of complex ideas and social commentary.

Experience the Magic

Step into the extraordinary worlds created by Frederik Pohl. Immerse yourself in his thought-provoking narratives, where the line between reality and fiction blurs, and humanity’s place in the universe is examined with depth and insight. Discover the works of Pohl – The Candle Maker today and experience science fiction like never before.

The Legendary Science Fiction Writer

The Legendary Science Fiction Writer

Discover the fascinating world of Frederik Pohl, one of the most acclaimed science fiction writers of all time.

About Frederik Pohl

Fredrik Pohl was not only a talented writer, but also a visionary and innovator in the science fiction genre. With a career that spanned over seven decades, Pohl left an indelible mark on the field.

He wrote numerous award-winning novels, including “Gateway,” which won the prestigious Hugo, Nebula, and John W. Campbell Memorial Awards. His other notable works include “Man Plus,” “JEM,” and “The Space Merchants,” co-written with Cyril M. Kornbluth.

Explore Pohl’s Works

Immerse yourself in Pohl’s incredible stories and richly imagined worlds. From his thought-provoking and visionary ideas about the future to his compelling characters and intricate plots, Pohl’s works continue to captivate readers.

  • Discover the thrilling adventures of space exploration in “Gateway,” where humans venture into mysterious alien technology.
  • Experience the transformation of a man into a cyborg in “Man Plus,” exploring the boundaries of humanity and technology.
  • Delve into the dystopian future of “The Space Merchants,” a scathing critique of consumerism and corporate power.
  • Embark on a mind-bending journey in “JEM,” where virtual realities and alternate dimensions collide.

Why Choose Pohl’s Works?

Pohl’s writing is a perfect blend of scientific accuracy, imaginative storytelling, and social commentary. His stories transport readers to extraordinary worlds while addressing timeless questions about humanity, society, and the future.

By reading Pohl’s works, you can explore the boundaries of the human imagination and be inspired by his creative vision.

Get Your Copy Today

Don’t miss your chance to immerse yourself in the captivating works of Frederik Pohl. Whether you’re a long-time science fiction fan or just starting your journey, his books are a must-read for any lover of the genre.

Get your copies today and embark on a thrilling adventure through the literary legacy of Frederik Pohl.

What is “Frederik Pohl – The Candle Maker: Exploring the Life and Works of a Science Fiction Legend” about?

“Frederik Pohl – The Candle Maker” is a book that explores the life and works of the science fiction legend Frederik Pohl. It delves into his career as a writer, editor, and literary agent, as well as his impact on the genre of science fiction.

Is “Frederik Pohl – The Candle Maker” suitable for someone who is new to Frederik Pohl’s work?

Yes, “Frederik Pohl – The Candle Maker” is a great introduction to the life and works of Frederik Pohl. It provides a comprehensive overview of his career and includes excerpts from his most famous stories, making it a perfect starting point for new readers.

Are there any exclusive insights or interviews with Frederik Pohl in the book?

Yes, “Frederik Pohl – The Candle Maker” features exclusive insights and interviews with Frederik Pohl himself. Readers will gain a firsthand perspective on his creative process, inspirations, and experiences in the world of science fiction.

Does “Frederik Pohl – The Candle Maker” include illustrations or photographs?

Yes, “Frederik Pohl – The Candle Maker” includes a collection of illustrations and photographs related to Frederik Pohl’s life and works. These visuals enhance the reading experience and provide a visual representation of the science fiction world he created.

Can “Frederik Pohl – The Candle Maker” be considered a definitive biography of Frederik Pohl?

“Frederik Pohl – The Candle Maker” can be seen as a comprehensive biography of Frederik Pohl, but it is not necessarily the definitive biography. It covers all major aspects of his life and career, but avid fans or scholars may want to explore additional sources for a more in-depth understanding of the author.

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