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Anne Mccaffrey’s Doona series has captivated readers with its thrilling tales of interplanetary diplomacy and adventure. In the third installment, “Treaty At Doona,” Mccaffrey brings the series to a satisfying conclusion.

The story takes place on the planet Doona, which has become a refuge for humans and the telepathic, shape-shifting native creatures known as “Doradelles.” The humans and Doradelles have managed to coexist peacefully, thanks to a treaty negotiated in the previous books in the series.

However, tensions rise when a new species called the “Hivers” arrives on Doona. The Hivers are a highly advanced and aggressive race, and their presence threatens to destabilize the fragile peace on the planet.

In “Treaty At Doona,” Mccaffrey expertly weaves together the various plot threads from the previous books, introducing new characters and dilemmas that add depth and excitement to the story. The stakes are higher than ever as humanity’s fate hangs in the balance.

Mccaffrey’s skillful storytelling and vivid world-building make “Treaty At Doona” a compelling read. The tensions between different species, the intricacies of interplanetary politics, and the personal struggles of the characters create a rich and complex narrative.

Ultimately, “Treaty At Doona” delivers a satisfying conclusion to the Doona series. Mccaffrey ties up loose ends, resolves conflicts, and leaves readers with a sense of closure. Fans of the series will not be disappointed with this thrilling finale.

An Overview of “Treaty At Doona”

“Treaty At Doona” is the third and final book in the Doona series written by Anne McCaffrey. This science fiction novel continues the story of the human settlement on the planet Doona and the interactions between the human colonists and the native alien population.

Plot Summary

The novel begins with the arrival of a new Federation starship on Doona, which brings news of a potential alliance between the Humans and the Hrrubans, another alien species. The Humans and the Hrrubans have a history of conflict, but they agree to meet on Doona to negotiate a treaty.

The main characters, Commander Todd and Astra, a linguist, are tasked with facilitating the negotiations and ensuring a peaceful resolution. As they navigate through the complicated negotiations, they must overcome cultural differences and bridge the gap between the two species.

Throughout the novel, tensions rise as both sides struggle to understand each other’s customs and motives. The Humans and the Hrrubans must learn to trust each other and find common ground in order to achieve a successful treaty.


  • Communication and Understanding: One of the central themes in “Treaty At Doona” is the importance of effective communication and understanding between different cultures. The novel explores the challenges of language barriers and the need for empathy and patience in order to build trust and form meaningful connections.
  • Conflict and Resolution: The novel also delves into the complexities of conflict and the process of finding peaceful resolutions. It highlights the dangers of misunderstandings and the potential for peaceful coexistence when both sides are open to compromise and understanding.
  • Cooperation and Alliance: Another theme in the book is the idea of cooperation and alliance between diverse groups. “Treaty At Doona” demonstrates the benefits of working together and the potential for collaboration to overcome differences and achieve common goals.


“Treaty At Doona” provides a satisfying conclusion to the Doona series, resolving the conflicts introduced in the previous books and exploring themes of communication, conflict resolution, and cooperation. Anne McCaffrey’s compelling storytelling and well-developed characters make this novel an engaging read for fans of science fiction.

The Evolution of the Characters in the Doona Series

The Doona series by Anne McCaffrey features a diverse set of characters that undergo significant growth and transformation throughout the three books. From their initial introduction in “Decision at Doona” to the thrilling conclusion in “Treaty at Doona,” these characters face numerous challenges that shape their personalities and relationships.

Kai and Lee

  • Kai and Lee are the two main human characters in the series.
  • They initially struggle with their roles as ambassador and linguist, respectively, on the planet Doona.
  • As the series progresses, they adapt to the Doonans’ way of life and form deep connections with the alien species.
  • Kai becomes more confident in his diplomatic abilities, while Lee becomes more open-minded and accepting of cultural differences.
  • Their shared experiences on Doona strengthen their friendship and teamwork.

The Doonans

  • The Doonans are an avian-like alien species that cohabitate with humans on the planet Doona.
  • Initially mistrustful of humans, they gradually develop a mutual understanding and respect.
  • The Doonans start to embrace human technology and learn to communicate in human languages.
  • Through their interactions with humans, they learn about empathy, compassion, and the value of cooperation.
  • By the end of the series, the Doonan culture incorporates elements from human culture, creating a unique blend of traditions.

Other Supporting Characters

  • The series also features a range of supporting characters, each with their own evolution.
  • Some characters, like Ambassador Canaan and Prince Panille, initially hold prejudiced views but eventually learn to overcome their biases.
  • Other characters, like Nesa and Murell, discover hidden talents and contribute significantly to the resolution of conflicts.
  • Throughout the series, these supporting characters demonstrate personal growth and contribute to the overall development of the story.

Overall, the Doona series presents a rich tapestry of characters who evolve and transform in response to the challenges they face. Through their growth, the series explores themes of cultural exchange, understanding, and the power of unity in overcoming differences.

The Themes Explored in “Treaty At Doona”

“Treaty At Doona” by Anne Mccaffrey explores several themes that are central to the story and its characters. These themes include:

Peace and Diplomacy

A major theme in “Treaty At Doona” is the pursuit of peace and the importance of diplomacy. The book focuses on the efforts of humans and aliens to build a treaty between different races and cultures. It explores the challenges and complexities of forging alliances and resolving conflicts through peaceful means.

Intergalactic Cooperation

Another theme in the novel is the need for intergalactic cooperation. The story presents various species from different planets working together towards a common goal, despite their differences. It emphasizes the power of collaboration and unity in the face of adversity.

Identity and Acceptance

“Treaty At Doona” delves into the theme of identity and acceptance. The characters in the story come from diverse backgrounds and have unique identities. The book explores the challenges they face in finding acceptance and understanding from others, and the importance of embracing diversity.

Environmental Responsibility

The novel also touches upon the theme of environmental responsibility. It highlights the need for humans and other species to protect and preserve their planetary resources. The story raises awareness about the impact of human activities on the environment and the importance of sustainable practices.

Trust and Betrayal

Trust and betrayal are recurring themes in “Treaty At Doona”. The book explores the complexities of trust within alliances and the consequences of betrayal. It examines how trust can be easily broken and the challenges of rebuilding it.

In conclusion, “Treaty At Doona” addresses important themes such as peace and diplomacy, intergalactic cooperation, identity and acceptance, environmental responsibility, and trust and betrayal. These themes add depth to the story and provide thought-provoking insights into human and alien relationships.

How many books are there in the Doona series written by Anne McCaffrey?

The Doona series written by Anne McCaffrey consists of three books.

What is the title of the third book in the Doona series?

The title of the third book in the Doona series is “Treaty At Doona”.

Can “Treaty At Doona” be read as a standalone book, without having read the previous books in the series?

Although “Treaty At Doona” can be read as a standalone book, it is recommended to read the previous books in the series for a better understanding of the characters and their relationships.

Can you provide a brief summary of the plot of “Treaty At Doona”?

“Treaty At Doona” follows the story of a treaty negotiation between the human settlers and the indigenous inhabitants of the planet Doona. The main characters, including representatives from both sides, must overcome cultural barriers and prejudices to establish a peaceful coexistence.

What aspects of the book make it a perfect conclusion for the Doona series?

The perfect conclusion of the Doona series is achieved through a satisfying resolution of the conflicts that have been building up throughout the previous books, as well as providing closure for the main characters. It also offers a thought-provoking exploration of themes such as cultural differences, diplomacy, and the challenges of adapting to a new environment.

How does Anne McCaffrey’s writing style contribute to the overall reading experience in “Treaty At Doona”?

Anne McCaffrey’s writing style is known for its engaging storytelling and well-developed characters. In “Treaty At Doona”, her descriptive and immersive writing allows readers to fully visualize the alien planet and its inhabitants, as well as empathize with the struggles and triumphs of the characters.

Are there any notable reviews or accolades for “Treaty At Doona”?

“Treaty At Doona” has received praise for its strong world-building, complex characters, and its ability to tackle relevant social issues. It has been lauded as a fitting conclusion to the Doona series and a compelling science fiction read. However, individual readers may have different opinions, so it is always recommended to read a variety of reviews before forming your own judgment.

Has Anne McCaffrey written any other series or books similar to the Doona series?

Yes, Anne McCaffrey is a prolific author who has written numerous science fiction and fantasy series. Some of her other popular series include the Dragonriders of Pern series and the Acorna series. These series also feature unique worlds, memorable characters, and explore themes of human-alien relationships.

Is “Treaty At Doona” the final book in the Doona series?

Yes, “Treaty At Doona” is the final book in the Doona series. It serves as a perfect conclusion to the series, wrapping up all the storylines and providing a satisfying ending for the readers.

What can readers expect from “Treaty At Doona”?

Readers can expect an exciting and action-packed story in “Treaty At Doona.” The book continues the adventures of the human settlers on the planet Doona and their interactions with the native aliens known as the Hrrubans. It delves deeper into the complex treaty negotiations and the challenges faced by both the humans and the Hrrubans.

Are there any new characters introduced in “Treaty At Doona”?

Yes, “Treaty At Doona” introduces new characters that add depth and intrigue to the story. These include both human and Hrruban characters, each with their own unique personalities and motives. These new characters bring fresh perspectives and contribute to the overall development of the plot.

Is “Treaty At Doona” a standalone book or should I read the previous books in the Doona series first?

“Treaty At Doona” is part of the Doona series, and while it can be enjoyed as a standalone book, reading the previous books in the series will provide a better understanding of the characters and the overall storyline. It is recommended to start with the first book, “Decision at Doona,” to fully appreciate the events and dynamics in “Treaty At Doona.”

Does “Treaty At Doona” tie up all the loose ends from the previous books?

Yes, “Treaty At Doona” ties up all the loose ends from the previous books in the Doona series. It resolves the conflicts and unanswered questions that have been building up throughout the series, providing closure and a sense of satisfaction for the readers. It is a perfect conclusion to the Doona series.

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