Mccaffrey, Anne – Pern 14 – Dragonseye


Mccaffrey, Anne - Pern 14 - Dragonseye

Dragonseye is the 14th installment in the critically acclaimed Pern series by Anne Mccaffrey. Published in 1997, this science fiction novel takes readers back to the fascinating world of Pern, where humans coexist with telepathic dragons.

In Dragonseye, Mccaffrey continues to explore the rich mythology and history of Pern. The story revolves around the discovery of ancient records that shed light on the origins of the dragonriders and their struggle against the deadly Threadfall. As the records are deciphered, the characters must confront the challenges presented by this newfound knowledge and find ways to protect Pern from impending danger.

Mccaffrey’s vivid storytelling and well-developed characters make Dragonseye a captivating read. The author’s attention to detail and ability to create a sense of wonder transport readers to the world of Pern, where they can witness the dragonriders’ heroic efforts and experience the thrill of flying on the backs of these majestic creatures.

Dragonseye delves into the complexities of Pern’s history while maintaining the series’ signature blend of adventure and fantasy. Mccaffrey’s masterful storytelling and unique world-building continue to amaze fans of the Pern series, making this book a must-read for both new and longtime enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a fan of the Pern series or new to the world of dragons and telepathic connections, Dragonseye promises an enthralling and immersive reading experience that will leave you eagerly awaiting the next installment in this beloved saga.

Discover the World of Pern

Discover the World of Pern

Welcome to the fascinating world of Pern, as created by Anne McCaffrey! This mystical land filled with dragons, fire-lizards, and ancient civilizations has captured the hearts of readers for decades.

The History of Pern

Pern is a planet that is threatened by periodic catastrophes known as Threadfall. These deadly spores rain down from the sky, destroying all organic material they touch. To combat this menace, the people of Pern have developed a unique bond with dragons, who can fly and breathe fire, allowing them to destroy Thread before it reaches the ground.

The history of Pern is rich and complex, filled with tales of heroic dragonriders and the challenges they face. From the early days of colonization to the present, the people of Pern have fought tirelessly to protect their world and their way of life.

The Dragonriders

The dragonriders of Pern are a brave and noble group of individuals. They form a symbiotic bond with their dragon partners, working together to protect the planet from Thread. Each dragonrider is chosen by their dragon, and the bond between them is unbreakable.

Dragonriders are skilled warriors, adept at fighting Thread from the backs of their dragons. They are also responsible for the maintenance of their dragons, ensuring they are well-fed and cared for. The dragonriders of Pern are seen as the protectors of their world, and their service is greatly admired.

The Ancient Civilizations

The Ancient Civilizations

Pern is not just home to dragons and their riders; it is also a place of ancient civilizations that have left behind remarkable historical artifacts. The people of Pern have uncovered ancient ruins and artifacts that give clues to the planet’s past.

These ancient civilizations, such as the talented dolphin-like creatures called “shipfish,” have left their mark on Pern. Their knowledge and wisdom have helped shape the world and its understanding of Thread and its origins.




The world of Pern is a captivating and immersive realm filled with adventure, danger, and the enduring bond between dragons and their riders. Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series has enthralled readers around the globe, and it continues to transport us to this magical and fantastical world.

Explore the 14th Book in the Series

About the Book

Dragonseye is the 14th book in the popular Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. It takes place on the planet Pern, a world inhabited by humans and their dragon companions. The book follows the events that occur during the Second Long Interval, a period of relative peace and calm between the devastating Threadfall attacks.

The Story

In Dragonseye, McCaffrey delves into the history and origins of the dragonriders on Pern. The book introduces new characters and explores the challenges they face as they navigate the uncertain times of the Second Long Interval. The story centers around the discovery of a new thread-like organism that threatens to bring about another Threadfall.



Dragonseye explores themes of perseverance, teamwork, and the power of friendship. The characters must work together to overcome the new threat and protect their world from destruction. The book also delves into the history of Pern and provides further insight into the dragonrider culture.



Dragonseye received generally positive reviews from fans and critics alike. It was praised for its engaging characters, immersive world-building, and compelling storytelling. Readers familiar with the Pern series will find the book a valuable addition to the overall narrative.


Dragonseye is a must-read for fans of the Pern series who want to delve deeper into the history and lore of the world. With its captivating plot, well-developed characters, and exploration of the dragonrider culture, it offers an exciting and immersive reading experience.

Uncover the Secrets of Dragonseye

Dragonseye, the 14th book in the Pern series by Anne McCaffrey, takes readers on a thrilling journey into the fascinating world of Pern. This installment dives deeper into the history and mythology of the planet and its inhabitants, providing new insights and uncovering long-held secrets.



In Dragonseye, readers are transported to a time when Pern is facing a new and deadly threat: Thread. This dangerous organism falls from the sky and has the power to destroy all living things it comes into contact with. A group of brave dragonriders, led by Weyrleader T’ron, must face this formidable enemy and find a way to protect their planet.

Exploring the History of Pern

Exploring the History of Pern

Dragonseye delves deep into the history of Pern, revealing details about the planet’s origins and its complex relationship with dragons. Readers will learn about the founding of the original Weyr and the important role that dragons play in protecting Pern from Thread.

Unveiling Long-Held Secrets

This book uncovers secrets that have been hidden for centuries. As the dragonriders investigate the mysterious origins of Thread and its connection to Pern, they begin to unravel a web of deceit and betrayal that threatens to shake the very foundations of their society. Secrets about the true nature of dragons and their fire-breathing abilities are also revealed, adding a new layer of intrigue to the story.

The Thrilling Dragonrider Adventures

The heart of the story lies in the thrilling adventures of the dragonriders. As they battle Thread and uncover secrets, they face countless dangers and must make difficult choices. Readers will be captivated by the intense aerial battles and the bravery of the dragonriders as they fight to save their world.


Dragonseye offers a captivating and immersive journey into the world of Pern. With its rich history, intriguing secrets, and thrilling adventures, this book is a must-read for fans of the Pern series. Dive into the world of dragons and discover the secrets that lie within!

Experience the Thrills and Adventures

Are you ready for an extraordinary journey filled with thrills and adventures? Look no further than “Dragonseye,” the 14th book in the beloved Pern series by Anne McCaffrey.

Step into the enchanting world of Pern, where dragons and their brave riders are bound together in a battle against the deadly Threads. In this mesmerizing tale, the future of Pern hangs in the balance as new threats emerge, and the characters you’ve grown to love must face unimaginable challenges.

Join the dragonriders as they take flight on their majestic beasts, soaring through the skies and engaging in breathtaking aerial battles. Feel the wind in your hair and the adrenaline coursing through your veins as you witness the bravery and skill of these remarkable characters.

In “Dragonseye,” McCaffrey masterfully weaves a thrilling narrative that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. With vivid descriptions and heart-pounding action, you’ll be transported to a world where danger lurks at every turn.

As you immerse yourself in the story, you’ll also become intimately acquainted with the rich and diverse cast of characters. From the strong and compassionate dragonriders to the cunning and determined villains, each character adds depth and complexity to the plot, making it impossible to put the book down.

But it’s not just the thrilling plot and captivating characters that make “Dragonseye” a must-read. McCaffrey’s beautiful prose and attention to detail will transport you to the breathtaking landscapes of Pern, where every valley and mountain comes to life. You’ll feel as if you’re right there alongside the characters, experiencing the sights, sounds, and smells of this magical world.

So, are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure? Grab a copy of “Dragonseye” today and prepare to be swept away into the world of Pern. Experience the heart-pounding thrills, the breathtaking aerial battles, and the unforgettable characters that have captured the hearts of readers for generations. The journey awaits!

What is Dragonseye about?

Dragonseye is the 14th book in the Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. It is set in the world of Pern and follows the story of a group of dragonriders as they face a new threat to their planet.

Is it necessary to read the previous books in the Pern series before reading Dragonseye?

While it is not absolutely necessary to read the previous books in the Pern series before reading Dragonseye, it is highly recommended. The series follows a continuous storyline and reading the previous books will give you a better understanding of the world and characters.

What is the main conflict in Dragonseye?

The main conflict in Dragonseye revolves around a new threat to the planet of Pern. A group of dragonriders must come together to protect their world from this danger and overcome the challenges they face along the way.

Are there any new characters introduced in Dragonseye?

Yes, Dragonseye introduces several new characters to the Pern series. These characters play significant roles in the story and add depth to the existing world and its mythology.

Is Dragonseye a standalone novel or part of a series?

Dragonseye is part of the Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. It is the 14th book in the series and follows the events and characters introduced in the previous books.

What makes Dragonseye different from the other books in the Pern series?

Dragonseye explores new facets of the world of Pern and introduces fresh challenges and conflicts for its characters. It adds depth to the existing mythology while keeping the signature elements that fans of the series love.

Is Dragonseye suitable for readers who are new to the Pern series?

Dragonseye may be a bit overwhelming for readers who are new to the Pern series. It is recommended to start with the earlier books in the series to fully appreciate the story and world of Pern before diving into Dragonseye.

Will Dragonseye answer all the questions raised in the previous books?

Dragonseye will answer some of the questions raised in the previous books, but it may also introduce new mysteries and plotlines that will be explored in future installments of the Pern series.

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