Mortimer, John – Rumpole Of The Bailey


Mortimer, John - Rumpole Of The Bailey

Step into the captivating world of Rumpole Of The Bailey, a classic legal comedy written by John Mortimer. This timeless collection of stories follows the witty and unconventional barrister, Horace Rumpole, as he navigates the complexities of the British legal system.

With his sharp intellect and dry sense of humor, Rumpole provides readers with an entertaining glimpse into the trials and tribulations of a courtroom drama. Whether he’s unraveling a puzzling case or clashing with his colleagues, Rumpole’s charisma and unconventional methods make him a memorable and beloved character.

John Mortimer’s masterful storytelling captures the essence of the legal profession while effortlessly delivering humor and wit. Each chapter is filled with memorable anecdotes and insightful observations, showcasing Mortimer’s talent for creating captivating and relatable characters.

“Rumpole Of The Bailey is a delightful read for legal enthusiasts and comedy lovers alike. Mortimer’s clever writing and vivid storytelling transport readers to the heart of the courtroom, where Rumpole’s unyielding dedication to justice shines through. Prepare to be entertained and captivated by this truly classic legal comedy.”

Whether you’re a fan of legal dramas or simply enjoy a good laugh, Mortimer’s Rumpole Of The Bailey is a must-read. Dive into this timeless classic and experience the brilliance of Horace Rumpole as he navigates the quirks and complexities of the British legal system.

About the book

Rumpole Of The Bailey: A Classic Legal Comedy is a humorous legal novel written by John Mortimer. The book was first published in 1978 and has since become a beloved classic for fans of the legal genre.

The story revolves around Horace Rumpole, a witty and unconventional barrister who navigates the British legal system with his unique charm and dry wit. Rumpole takes on a range of cases, from defending alleged murderers to representing those accused of petty crimes.

In this book, readers are introduced to Rumpole’s world, including the Old Bailey courthouse, his fellow lawyers, and his love for cheap wine and cigarettes. Through a series of entertaining and often absurd cases, Rumpole offers a satirical and lighthearted look at the legal profession.

Readers can expect a mix of humor, drama, and clever courtroom banter as Rumpole defends his clients and challenges the status quo. Mortimer’s writing style is engaging and witty, making this book a page-turner for both legal enthusiasts and those looking for an entertaining read.

Whether you are a fan of legal fiction or simply enjoy a good laugh, Rumpole Of The Bailey is a must-read. Get ready to dive into the world of Horace Rumpole and experience the charm and hilarity of this classic legal comedy.


Rumpole of the Bailey: A Classic Legal Comedy is a collection of stories written by John Mortimer. This humorous book series follows the brilliant and eccentric criminal defense barrister, Horace Rumpole, as he navigates the British legal system with wit and wisdom.

Key Features:

  • Engaging Legal Comedy: Experience the delightful and entertaining world of Rumpole, where legal cases turn into comedic adventures.
  • Memorable Characters: Meet a colorful cast of characters, including the sharp-tongued Rumpole, his wife “She Who Must Be Obeyed,” and various clients who always find themselves in trouble.
  • Clever Courtroom Drama: Be entertained by Rumpole’s cunning courtroom tactics and his ability to turn the most challenging cases in his favor.
  • Insight into the Legal System: Gain a deeper understanding of the British legal system as Rumpole navigates through its intricacies and exposes its flaws.

Why Choose Rumpole of the Bailey?

Why Choose Rumpole of the Bailey?

Rumpole of the Bailey is a beloved classic legal comedy that has captivated audiences for decades. With its witty dialogue, memorable characters, and engaging courtroom drama, this book series is a must-read for those who enjoy legal humor and want to explore the world of criminal defense law.

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Plot summary

Plot summary

Rumpole of the Bailey is a classic legal comedy written by John Mortimer. The story revolves around the life and cases of Horace Rumpole, a witty and unconventional barrister, who practices at the Old Bailey in London.

Rumpole is known for his unorthodox methods and his unwavering dedication to justice. His cases often involve colorful characters and complex legal issues, which he navigates with his trademark charm and wit.

Throughout the series, Rumpole finds himself defending a wide range of clients, from petty criminals to high-profile figures. His courtroom battles are filled with drama, suspense, and unexpected twists.

Key characters:

  • Horace Rumpole – The main protagonist, a skilled barrister with a passion for justice
  • Hilda Rumpole – Horace’s wife, who often acts as a voice of reason
  • Guthrie Featherstone – A fellow barrister and Rumpole’s close friend
  • Judge Bullingham – A stern and traditional judge who frequently presides over Rumpole’s cases
  • Phyllida Erskine-Brown – A young and ambitious barrister who often clashes with Rumpole

Themes explored:

Justice and fairness: The series highlights the importance of upholding justice, even in the face of seemingly impossible odds. Rumpole’s determination to defend his clients, regardless of their guilt or innocence, is a central theme throughout.

The legal system: Mortimer provides insights into the inner workings of the British legal system, shedding light on the challenges and complexities faced by barristers and the judiciary.

Humor and wit: Rumpole’s clever remarks, dry humor, and quick thinking add a comedic element to the story. His banter with fellow characters, as well as his ability to find humor in the most serious situations, contribute to the overall lighthearted tone of the series.

Character development: As the series progresses, Rumpole’s character undergoes subtle changes. He grapples with his own aging, his relationship with Hilda, and the changing dynamics of the legal profession.

Overall summary:

Overall summary:

Rumpole of the Bailey is a must-read for legal enthusiasts and fans of witty and engaging storytelling. With its memorable characters, intricate plots, and exploration of timeless themes, the series remains a beloved classic in the legal genre.

Key features

  • Classic legal comedy
  • Written by John Mortimer
  • Serialized stories featuring the renowned barrister, Horace Rumpole
  • Hilarious courtroom dramas
  • Witty and entertaining dialogue
  • Captivating storytelling
  • Engaging characters
  • Showcases British legal system
  • Insightful commentary on the legal profession
  • Perfect blend of humor and drama

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Is this book part of a series?

Yes, “Rumpole of the Bailey” is part of a series of books featuring the character Rumpole, a witty and unconventional barrister. This book is one of the most popular titles in the series.

What genre does this book belong to?

This book falls into the genre of legal comedy. It combines elements of courtroom drama with humor and satire, making it an enjoyable read for fans of both genres.

Who is the author of this book?

The author of “Rumpole of the Bailey: A Classic Legal Comedy” is John Mortimer. He was an English novelist, playwright, and barrister, known for his legal-themed works, including the Rumpole series.

Can I read this book without having read the previous books in the series?

Yes, you can definitely enjoy “Rumpole of the Bailey” without having read the previous books in the series. Each book can be read as a standalone story, so you won’t miss out on anything if you start with this one.

Are there any other books by John Mortimer that you would recommend?

Yes, apart from the Rumpole series, John Mortimer has written many other interesting books. Some of his notable works include “Paradise Postponed,” “Titmuss Regained,” and “The Trials of Rumpole.” These books showcase his wit and storytelling abilities.

Rumpole of the Bailey – 4 of 4 – Rumpole Redeemed

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